Creating each craft project in the Diamond Dotz™ range is easy, relaxing and quick. You are able to set your own pace with each project and will be able to complete large projects in a matter of days.


Diamond Dotz™ have 13 light reflecting facets which allows for a fantastic end result on completion of each project.


Each Diamond Dotz™ box contains:

  • Complete instructions in a variety of languages
  • High Quality Colour Printed Fabric
  • Diamond Dotz™ facets pre-sorted by shade
  • Diamond Dotz™ Stylus, Craft tray and Wax caddy


Skill level: Intermediate



  • Design size: 35.5 x 27.9 cm
  • Fabric size: 43 x 35 cm


Diamond Dotz™ brand is known for its quality and safety, recommended for ages 8-80.

Diamond Dotz Red Rose Sparkle

SKU: DD5.002